Monday, April 7, 2014

Bike Tour Canceled

As the bike tour approaches, Lacie and I have discussed at great length whether or not the event will take place this year. We loved putting on the event, seeing the cyclists, and helping the park. When I asked Lacie to help me put a bike tour on several years ago I said I could never do it without her help. Unfortunately, her work schedule consumes most of her time. While I know she would find a way to make it happen, I think the stress of doing so will take away from the enjoyment we find in putting the event on. When we started, there was never a goal of how many tours or dollar amounts. We did it for the love of cycling and helping our community. We are grateful for everyone's help over the last three years. Most importantly, THANK YOU RIDERS! We would have never had an event if you didn't show up to ride. There is always a possibility the ride will be back.
See you on the road...

1 comment:

  1. So sad. I did this ride each year and had a blast each time.

    Jay Holstein