Saturday, June 9, 2012

2 Weeks Left To Go!

It's almost time for the 2nd Annual Millerstown Community Park Bike Tour!! 

Everything seems to be falling into place and now we're just waiting on all of you to sign up =)!! We get so excited to check our mail this time of year! 

Please remember to preregister ($20) in order to save $5 and get a FREE t-shirt with our new logo.  The t-shirts are a charcoal grey this year and they look so cool! Extra t-shirts can be purchased the day-of for $10 each. By preregistering, you also help us to plan ahead for rest stop supplies and the free lunch that is provided after the ride.

There are 2 events going on this year... 
  1.   25K-50K-100K Bike Tours 
    • All three rides have New Routes this year!
    • Free lunch and Pool Pass at the end of the Ride.
    • Rest Stop and SAG support along the way.
  2.   Bike Rodeo 
    •  The Bike Rodeo is free for kids/youth and youth size t-shirts will be available for $10.
    •  There will be a free lunch provided upon completion of the stations. 
    •  Bike and Helmet inspections will make sure your child is riding safely. 
    •  McDonald's is providing orange drink and free ice cream cone coupons! 

Zimmerman's Bike Shop will be onsite to provide mechanic services. In addition, there will be a handful of helmets, bikes, and supplies available for purchase.

Bootlleg Creamery will also be onsite selling gourmet ice cream! Sooooooo yummy!

*The above businesses have graciously helped to sponsor the event.

How to REGISTER...
  1. Register Online 
    • Please note that there is a small service fee in order to run your credit card online. It will be about $2 per registration. 
  2. Print Out a form and Mail it in 
    • Make Checks Payable to:  Millerstown Recreational Committee
    • Mail to:  202 Old Ferry Rd., Millerstown, PA 17026

Call or email with any questions!
~ Lacie

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