Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Ride Routes

The Ride Routes are also NEW this year!

Each of the routes are mapped out through MapMyRide and are accessible on your mobile phone via the MapMyRide App. Follow this link, or click to the 2012 Ride Routes Page above to see the elevation and details of each ride. 

This year, we cut down on some of the bigger hills in hopes of making the rides a little more enjoyable =). It's still going to be a great workout and of course a beautiful ride!
Are you familiar with GoPro Cameras? I got Scott the HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition for Christmas last year and he loves it! So far we have filmed sled riding down our driveway, wildlife passing through our yard, of course lots of cycling clips, and more. We're currently working on getting a few video clips of the ride routes, so stay tuned!

Here are some highlights of the Rides:
  • All rides will start and end at the Millerstown Community Park
    • enjoy the fellowship of other riders over a free lunch
    • meet our Bike Shop Sponsor and Mechanic - Andrew Zimmerman
    • cool off with a free pool pass
    • take a walk on our river path along the Juniata 

  • The 25K will traverse through the shade trees at the base of the Buffalo Mountain, then through the small town villages of Centerville and Reward.

  • The 50K will also travel along the Buffalo Mountain, descends through Perry Valley farms to the smooth roads of Rt 235, then enters Juniata County and through the village of Seven Stars. The last portion of the ride winds along the beautiful Cocalamus Creek to Rt 17, then through our very own Millerstown.

  • The 100K ride will start off by traveling through Millerstown, crossing the Juniata River, and making your way through shaded Sugar Run Rd. Then you drop into Buckwheat Valley and start a Cat 5 climb up and over Raccoon Ridge. Watch out for the sharp right hand turn on this descent! Then you'll travel Rt 17 on a gradual decline through the village of Donally Mills, passing The Tuscarora Bison Farm, and through Millerstown to Cococlamus Creek Rd. Here you will meander along the creek into Juniata County. Then the route travels through the villages of Kellerville, Richfield (here you will have a gorgeous 5 county view atop Dressler Ridge!), Oriental, and Liverpool. Back in Perry County, you will follow the Buffalo Mountain home to the park. 
  • Each rest stop will feature some of the kindest, gracious volunteers we know! Here you will find drink refills and snacks (featuring delicious whoopie pies from S&S Catering and Baked Goods). Our volunteers will also be able to call back to the park if you need support or gear.

  • A SAG (support and gear) volunteer will be traveling along the routes via scooter or motorcycle, carrying extra water and tubes.    

  • We will provide a cell number that you can call or text any time during the ride for support.

Stay tuned for a few pictures and video clips of this years rides! If you have any questions about the ride routes, please email us at Scott and I also had a great time volunteering at the Millerstown Car Show this past weekend where we helped with the Kid's Big Wheel Races. Look for my Car Show post soon!

~ Lacie 

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